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A lot of people have messaged me after seeing my Lavender Team and said they’be been inspired to create a pink team as well so I decided to do a pink themed giveaway this time to help three lucky winners on their way!

There will be three winners, the first winner picks three pokemon of their choice. The second winner picks two of the remaining Pokemon and the third winner takes home the remaining Pokemon.
They’re all fab though.

(Ps. I have a hard time parting with that Frillish because have you SEEN how kickass a shiny female Jellicent looks?)

✿ Mbf me 

✿ No giveaway blogs!

✿ Must be comfortable trading FC with me!

✿ Reblog/Like as many times as you want!

✿ The giveaway will end on the 10/Sept/14 & the winner will be picked with a random generator!

*I will be doing giveaways of several other legendary and non-legendary shinies with 10 day intervals throughout this summer so please be on the lookout ♡

Shiny Hoenn starter giveaway
Shiny White Pokemon giveaway
Eight Shiny Eevee giveaway
Arceus giveaway
Two Mew and Three Shiny Ditto giveaway

Good luck! (◡‿◡✿) 


Globe Chandelier byBenoît Vieuble

This gorgeous glowing globe chandelier by Benoît Vieubled is totally rocking our world right now. Composed of 15 spinning spheres of Earth, the planetary constellation is made of repurposed desk globes outfitted with lights and suspended from the ceiling’s firmament. Dubbed “Monde à l’endroit, Monde à l’envers”, the beautiful chandelier will add an out-of-this-world ambience to any room – now let’s see some DIY versions!

Yarp very accurate, but don’t worry Wolverine will totally stay dead…..For reals…..Don’t you believe Marvel? Some spoilers ahead.
I don’t really agree with all of Tim’s write up as I’ve posted before. I’ve also never understood why instead of having side characters take up more noticeable / main roles they don’t just give the character their own on going series. Is the mantle of Captain America supposed to make me like Falcon more? In the two most current issues of Cap we see Steve lose the Super Soldier Serum and Sam start a relationship (of sorts) with Jet; I would much rather read a stand alone Falcon story following that line of thought, you can still have SHIELD and Dugan and whoever else without trying to make Sam more like Steve or show how different he is, or both. If anything this whole thing makes me want to buy Cap less until they switch back, which eventually they will.
So hurray for capitalistic diversity, I’m so thrilled.

Yeah, but….

I don’t like Sam Wilson as Captain America for the same reasons I didn’t like Bucky or anyone else pretending to be Cap; Steve is literally the Kantian ideal when it comes to ethics: he always does the “right” thing and damn the consequences. Its that dichotomy, in a universe where everyone seems to have relativistic morality at one point or another, that has made a lot of the recent Cap stories so compelling, especially the current and previous Cap series as well as New Avengers and the boiling point being reached in Original Sin. The MCU needs that polarizing struggle, and any current character just won’t be as good, as dedicated, as rigid as Steve Rogers. Not to mention every ethical/moral dilemma that will be thrust upon the new Captain America ends up with the character having one of two reactions, or heck even both: “Hmm what would Steve do?” and “Steve might have done it that way, but this is my way.” Thats just boring writing and honestly sucks a lot of meaning out of the character.

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